Wilflex IMS 3.0 Release Notes

IMS 3.0 Version - Released 12/23/2015
Application Wide
  • Added hot keys and shortcuts (listed soon).
  • Customized most of the generic popup dialogs.
  • Themes are now correctly applied to all screens.
Main Screen
  • Added a loading progress bar.
Communcation Screen
  • Fixed an issue in backup reporting where it was taking up to 90 seconds to generate a formula, it now takes 3 to 5 seconds again.
  • Changed the print maximum from 24 to 100 (adding a user set limit soon).
  • Standard and user formulas can be printed together in the same list.
Label Printing
  • Added an option to print using a label printer or a paper printer in label properties.
  • Prints will no longer be cut off on the left side of the page using a paper printer.
Settings Screen
  • Added a character limit of 12 to swatch owner field to prevent text overflow.
User Formula Importing
  • Added a warning dialog before committing to user formula import.
IMS 3.0 Version - Released 12/2/2015
Main Screen
  • Added hot keys and shortcuts (listed soon).
User Formula Import
  • Fixed crashing when formulas had a null field.
General Popups
  • Can now hit enter to select 'YES' or 'OK'.
  • Can now hit escape to select 'NO', 'EXIT', or 'CANCEL'.
IMS 3.0 Version - Released 10/16/2015
*NEW* News/Notifcations Dialog
  • New dialog to view news and notifications pushed by Wilflex concerning their company and products.
  • Each color system will have its own system-related news feed mixed with a general news feed.
Main Screen
  • Added Website button on top right of screen to navigate to IMS website.
  • Added News/Notification button to open news dialog, this button will flash yellow if there are new notifications.
  • Formula total will now round to nearest zero. (Ex. 999.9 = 1000)
  • Can set a new base type on user formula without error message.
  • Can enter materials into a user formula using either material description or code. Option to select description or code by default in user settings.
New Formula Dialog
  • Took out filled user reference fields.
  • Can no longer create user formulas without entering a base, excluding EP color system.
  • Fixed crashing when creating formulas.
Logout Dialog
  • Changed ‘EXIT’ button to ‘CANCEL’.
Calculate Screen
  • Added an extra decimal point to cost per print.
  • Grayed out buttons and displays not applicable to certain modes.
  • Changed ‘COVERAGE’ label to ‘PERCENT COVERAGE’.
Recycle Screen
  • Fixed crashing when opening on EEQ system.
  • OA will now produce recycled formulas correctly.